Things that changed in my life during a year of living in the countryside.

One year ago I moved from the city to countryside. Even though in one period of my life I loved the hustle and bustle of a big city, over the past few years I've come to prefer a quieter, more relaxed pace. And than I decided to swap the crowds and traffic for bird song and country walks. Moving to the country give me the lifestyle I dreamed of. And I want to share with you five things which marked that year. 

1. I’m healthy.
Except from the Corona virus I got in December last year, I haven’t seen a doctor in a year. I didn’t even had a cold even though my house is really windy and was difficult to heat it during the winter periods. I am so grateful so it deserves the first place.

2. Silence made room for growth and new ideas.
One of the things I was most looking forward to about rural life was the silence. In the city, the noise is constant. There’s always traffic, sirens, screams… By contrast, living near the forest is…peaceful.
Living here has provided me thinking about each step in my life and pushed me to take a look at my mental health landscape. Winter months were though on me but that is all part of growing. In my work, silence helped me to slowly build new ideas, to dare to test new things. The noise was stressful for me. Silence inspires me.


Martina in front of the studio

"I’m an introvert person and silence gives me space to process my thoughts and soak in my surroundings."


3. I’m happy with less.
No matter there are not so many cultural or social events, I found entertainment in gardening and birds. Looking the flowers which you planted in autumn blooming in spring is pure happiness.

4. Spending a lot of time outside is transformative.
When lived in the city I spent almost every weekend in the nature. But, living with nature, seeing animals in the wild, and breathing in crisp fresh air has had a positive effect on my mental health. It's one thing to go in the forest for a weekend, it's another to make interacting with nature a part of your daily routine.

5. Everyday cooking can be challenging, but worthy.
Living in a big city gives you a lot of options in terms of food, a large selection of bakeries, restaurants and diners, and fast home delivery. There are no such options in the countryside, and I had to change my habits. I had to buy food for breakfast and lunch in advance, because there is no bakery nearby, and little by little I started baking my own bread, buying groceries from local farmers and make lunch every day.I changed my habits and I realize how much healthier I eat now.



Winter inspiration

The Nature inspires me to create beautiful things, and... 

_botanical mug


gives me the opportunity to really enjoy in things I've created.

first plants

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