About Me

I am Martina Martin, the craftswoman behind Planina Ceramics. I am a Croatian ceramic artist and designer based in Sweden. Apart from Sweden, I am in love with mountains, wildflowers, traveling and motorcycles.

Planina sculptural Vase

I work with stoneware clay and use traditional hand-building techniques such as coiling, rolling and pinching, and some of my pieces are hand-carved. The hand-building technique allows for a soft, tactile organic form that I like. I only use my hands, clay and some simple wooden tools. My ceramic pieces hold evidence of the human hand and I hope these preserved histories allow the viewer to connect with its deeply human, handmade origin. When making, I am looking towards a realistic and thoughtful way to endorse sustainability, as well as to keep myself engaged as a lover of things and as an artist. I mostly make vases and mugs and each of my pieces is completely unique because I don't use molds.

Martina in the Studio

I have a master's degree in Graphic Arts and I worked as a graphic designer in Zagreb for six years before I started a pottery class in mid 2019. I instantly fell in love with clay, and I always say that that was ‘a love at first touch’. I finished a few months of ceramic classes but I am mostly a self-learned potter.
I started my work in my small studio in the center of Zagreb, Croatia. It was absolutely crucial for my environment to feel comfortable with me. It needed the elements of a home with the functionality of a maker’s studio. I tried very hard to keep it neat and presentable in order to keep my mental image of the place feeling positive and productive. But after two years making ceramics in it, I started to realize that Zagreb was too crowded for me, and there was less and less nature in the city. I decided to come to Sweden and change my environment for creation. I think that staying here for a while will make a new impression and practical experience that I will be able to assimilate into my work. 

Since going full-time-maker, life has changed drastically. I am a much more detail-oriented person now. Life moves a bit slower and more methodically. I have routines which help to keep my mind on track when I get scattered. Planina is my inspiration towards being creative every day; whether it be clay, wood, or a camera, I am always making something and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I have two inspirations when creating; Women and Nature. I believe that beauty is everywhere and especially in little things and women's bodies. I love making boobies mugs and vases because they are very lovable, they carry a firm message about respecting a woman’s body and they celebrate beauty and naturalness. Just as every woman is beautiful and unique, so is every Planina ceramic piece. It’s my hope that the ceramics I make will encourage and empower women to make them feel confident in their own body and celebrate flaws.

I had several great collaborations in recent years, a few with Croatian makers, and also with the Adidas, Nestle and Luta coffee shop in Zagreb. You can read more about the collaborations here.


I hope you will love my work as much as I love making it. 




Education, ceramics training & seminars

2022 / Intro to Local Materials Workshop, Studio Alluvium (Mitch Iburg i Zoë Powell)

2022 / Making a rounded teapot from flat slabs, Sage Cortez | Hand + Fire

2022 / Kurinuki, Sage Cortez | Hand + Fire

2022 /  Think Global, Dig Local - Atelier NL , Design Talks at Röhsska Museum, Sweden

2020 / Ceramic apprenticeship - Ravitera, Croatia

2019 / Handbuilding workshop - Atelje na br.1, Croatia

2013-2015 / Master Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

2010-2013 / Bachelor Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia


Ceramic residencies

2022 / artist residency at Cerdeira - Home for Creativity, Portugal


Member of

Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Göteborg, Sweden



2022 / Support is everything, Adidas, Croatia

2022 / Luta cortado cups, Luta coffee shop, Croatia

2021 / Pink October soy candles, Bijeli Glog, Croatia

2021 / Pinch soup bowls, Nestle, Croatia

2021 / Soap dish collection, Jou Jou Botanicals, Croatia

2020 / Soy candles collection, Bijeli Glog, Croatia



2021 / Planina, independent exhibition at Planina Studio, Zagreb Croatia

2020 / Ona - Women inspired collages and ceramics, Karibu coffee shop, Zagreb, Croatia


Selected press







Martina Martin - Planina ceramics