Caring for your ceramics

Planina Ceramics handmade ceramic pieces are stoneware, hard and durable for everyday use, but do require care when using and cleaning.

All my ceramics  made for using with food can be cleaned in the dishwasher, however, handmade pottery should be treated a little differently than your typical wares. Hand washing is always best, and will ensure a long life for them. Corrosive detergents, softness of the water, too much detergent, very hot water, and other factors beyond my control can lead to deterioration of the glazed (glass) surface. 

Refrain from extreme temperature changes to avoid thermal shock. You can warm up your pots under warm tap water before pouring hot water into them. Boiling water should not be poured directly into your pieces. 

Some pots may appear differently than the ones pictured on the website if there are multiples available of the same item. Everything sold by Planina Ceramics is handmade, so there will always be some variation between the pieces.