Handmade ceramics

by Martina Martin


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Hi, I'm Martina, a ceramicist and visual artist based in Sweden.

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  • Weekend Pinching Workshop // Create your own ceramic mug 🤎☀️ 4/8/2024
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  • Vintage mug // pencil stripes 5
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Every ceramic piece here is made by hand which makes it unique and unrepeatable, just like everything in nature.

Your beautiful messages

Hello Martina, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the lovely and unique cup I received a week ago. It is my favorite and I find myself naturally reaching for it daily. I really appreciate the fact that it truly looks handmade and a one of a kind piece. The details on the packaging were also a charming touch.  Thank you again, your cup has found a good home on Bornholm.


Thank you so much Martina!
This mug is very personal to me. My mum is a breast cancer survivor. I was in high school when we found out. She was so strong and optimistic the entire journey. She has been healthy for more than 10 years now. She lives back home in Indonesia so I don’t see her that often. This mug reminds me of her strength and it feels good to have it here close with me.


Dear Martina! Yesterday my parcel with the two mugs (The Tattoo Mug & The Ocean Mug 2) arrived! 😍😍
The packaging was so beautiful and fun to unpack and I'm so happy with these mugs! Such a wonderful Kind of work! ❤️
Keep on doing what you're doing!
Friendly greetings from germany! 🫶🏼✨️✨️


Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for your art and the woooooonderful mugs that arrived yesterday!!! And what the hell how beautiful is the packaging!!! 😍
It made my day!!! The flowers. The painted moons. So wonderful.
I think that won’t be the last things I got from you 😉☺️
Wish you a wonderful weekend!! ☀️


Hello Martina, I just got a package today and am absolutely in love with my mug!!! Thank you so much for making something so beautiful! Warmest hugs.


I just got around to open my package that already arrived a week ago🫣😅 the packaging was so cute and safe, my mug arrived perfectly and I'm so in love✨️ it definitely won't be the last👀 I can't wait to sit by the beach today and drink my coffee from it💫💙💫 Thank you!🫶🏼


Dear Martina, it was a real pleasure to unpack the package. so loving! 🩷
and the cup - it’s so so beautiful! 😍
everything is perfect, I love it!
Thank you so much 🥰


My cup has arrived! I'm in love... the breasts are perfect, the color - just everything. It's so beautiful🥰 I admire your work and am a little proud to have a part of it at home now. I think I'll definitely need a larger version in the long run though - it would be so great if you offered more 300 ml mugs (or even more?). Thank you for the lovingly packed parcel and the fast shipping :)


Thank you for the wonderfully packaged mug.  It is beautiful and lovingly made. Even more beautiful than in the photos.  My favorite color is blue and cream stripes.  Thank you for the lovely post on the box. It's very nice. Thank you again.


With my collection of female inspired ceramics I want to encourage every woman to feel more confident in her own body. I know my work will not change the narrative on desexualizing breasts and normalizing the female body, but it will get people talking about it, and that's a step in the right direction.


A little insight into the world of Planina, from bespoke projects and inspirational travel to behind the scenes and studio highlights, my journals are a space for me to share my story and take you along.

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