Welcome to my creative world!


by Martina Martin

Hi, so happy to see you here.

I am Martina, the craftswoman behind Planina Ceramics. I am a Croatian ceramic artist and designer. My two inspirations when creating are Women and Nature, so there are two categories here on the website. I am an artist, and all of my pieces are handmade and unique, made by feeling. That is why there are always different pieces available.

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I believe in handmade, well made and slowly made. My work is intended to bring life into your home - to be a refreshment in a world of casted, symmetrical, and manufactured goods.

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" Planina is a word for Mountain in the Croatian language. Mountains inspire my hands to shape the clay into its natural beauty. Mountains have made me a better person, teached me to respect nature, its beauty, strength and unpredictability.
Each free moment i have, I use to escape to mountains. "



Nature Care Packaging

Planina Studio is plastic free. Expect your packages to be packed mostly in paper and cardboard. Let's keep the planet green and pardon the occasional re-used packaging materials.