Cacao cups for Alchemy of the heart

Cups for true Cacao lovers. Handmade with reddish brown clay and decorated with white glaze. Each cup is the perfect shape and size to hold with both hands and feel the heat and love of the ceremonial Cacao medicine. Each cup is completely unique piece made using my hands as the only tool.

Cacao cups


Adidas and Planina boobies mug for a ‘Support Is Everything’ campaign

I had a pleasure to make this unique mugs for Adidas and to be a part of one beautiful campaign with a great tagline ‘Support is everything’.
I know that this one campaign will not change the narrative on desexualizing breasts and normalizing the human body, but it will get people talking about it, and that's a step in the right direction.

 Planina boobies mugs for Adidas


Planina female inspired vases in natural dyed cotton bags

Andrea Anić Dokmanović made bags for Planina female vases from up-cycled cotton, and dyed them with oak galls. Oak represents great strength and durability, which can be reflected in our work, because we want everything we do to last and inspire you for a long time. With this collaboration we celebrate a female body, encouraging women to accept and love themselves the way they are. Textiles and clay together, in this project, unite our missions and strengthen our love for the nature.

Each handmade vase I made comes in this handmade natural dyed cotton bag with boobies. 

Bags for Planina female inspired vases


Planina cortado cups for Luta coffee shop

I made a set of unique cups for the Luta coffee shop in Zagreb, Croatia. Cups are inspired with the Japanese hand-forming technique called Kurinuki which involves the hollowing out of solid clay form by carving. All cups are hand-built and hand-carved, using techniques much slower and intimate than mass-throwing on a pottery wheel. Each cup is hand glazed with two different glazes, white and baby blue. Photos

Luta coffee shop - planina ceramic cups


Planina mugs with Milk&Honey Nursing tea

Planina for Milk&honey was an amazing collaboration. A mug and nursing tea set for new mums to celebrate the naturalness and popularization of breastfeeding. Photos

Planina for Milk&honey


Bijeli glog candle and Planina boobies mug for a Breast cancer awareness month

Every October, people all over the world show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer. Bijeli glog and I made a limited edition candle in a ceramic boobies mug to remind every women to take a deep breath, think about her body and check yourself. 

Bijeli Glog candles and Planina Ceramics mugs


Nestle and Planina ceramic soup bowl

Planina soup bowls for Nestle launching campaign of the new Maggi soups. 

Planina soup bowl for Nestle


Whisper of Nature and Planina Incense dish

In a collaboration with a gorgeous girls from Whisper of Nature I made this beautiful dish for their incense cones. Each dish has an elevated place for a incense cone and a hole for an incense stick. The dish is made from a speckled clay and finished in a glossy white glaze which allows the speckles in the clay to show through. All dishes are handmade with slab building technique and carefully carved by hand to create a delicate floral design. 


Bijeli Glog candle and Planina mug

The candle is all natural; blended and poured at Bijeli Glog workspace, this candle is made of soy wax, an organic cotton wick, and the scent includes the essential oils of lavender and rosemary, all sourced here in Croatia. The candle is finished with flowers from owners garden. When the candle finishes, soak the cup in hot water and baking soda to lift the residual wax or any smoke marks and use as normal.



JouJou soaps and Planina soap dish

Every handmade soap needs a perfectly crafted soap dish. So this collaboration was a perfect match. All JouJou soaps are handmade by the cold process method, without the controversial palm oil, harmful chemicals and toxins.




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