Four most frequent questions you ask me about my ceramics

1. Are the mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes! All mugs are made from stoneware clay which is a hard and durable material that is often used in restaurants and coffee shops, so it can be washed in the dishwasher.

But! (There is always a but 😂) Corrosive detergents, softness of the water, too much detergent, very hot water, and other factors beyond my control can lead to deterioration of the glazed surface. Therefore, hand wash is always recommended.

2. Can I order the same mug that was sold?

Unfortunately no. I made each mug with sculpting it by hand, and that's why every mug in my studio is unique.

It is possible to make a similar one, with the same colors and similar decorations, but just as every woman is unique, so are my mugs.
And that won't change!

3. Do you take orders?

Yes, you can write me your wishes and I will see if it is possible to make it.
I made the breasts from the sent picture a few times, and these were the most intimate, sensual and the most beautiful projects I've done.
So, don't hesitate to ask!

Here is one of the latest orders for a new mom 💕

4. How long does it take to make one mug?

One mug can be done in 12 - 20 days, which sometimes depends on the weather outside as my wooden studio gets really humid when raining, so the drying is a bit slower.


First, a mug needs to be sculpted from wet clay, which is usually split into two days in my studio as I work on multiple mugs at the same time.

After sculpting a mug, it needs to dry slowly for five to seven days.

When dry, a mug is fired for the first time, the firing lasts 12 - 14 hours and reaches the temperature of 980°C.

After cooling down for one day, a mug is  washed and sanded to be ready for glazing. It is dried for a day and then is decorated and glazed by dipping or brushing.

After the glaze has dried, a mug goes through a second firing for another 12 hours and reaches the temperature of 1230°C.

The kiln is cooling down for one to two days and, FINALLY, our mug is done!


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