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Collection: The Surprise Mug

Did you know that the time is a big factor in the mugs price?

Each mug has to go through the process of sculpting, drying, glazing, double firing, photographing, putting on a webshop and packing. 
And because of that I’m very limited in a number of mugs I can make in a month.
Regardless, I want to offer you a bit affordable mug because I want you to have it, to encourage and empower you and to bring joy into your life! 🤎
I realize that the big time consumer for me is the fact that I want you to choose exactly the mug you want, so I take a picture of each and every mug I make, and you always get the mug you see on the picture.


Without taking photos of each mug, selecting, editing them and creating a product page for every mug, I will save a lot of time, and you will get a unique handmade mug with a same quality, but at a more affordable price.

💫 Will you let me choose the boobies for you? 💫

If yes,
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The Surprise Mug!
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  • The Surprise Mug / Beige mug with brown details
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