I LOVE wildflowers. I also LOVE mountains and I LOVE making vases.

It took me hours to make one vase, but after it was finished I was so satisfied that I absolutely felt in love with making them. I feel proud when I hold one of them, and what makes me so happy is that I see that you love them too.

A vase is a work of art, like a sculpture in your home. Each vase I make is a one-off piece and it is hand-built only with my hands with the help of some simple wooden tools. Using traditional techniques of pinching and coiling the clay, I create works that remember my touch through the traces on the surface created mostly by the strokes of my fingers. I believe feeling deeply connected to the objects around us often comes from a connection to the maker, and the making act itself. 

 Black Queen sculptural vase

I prefer the natural earth colors of pure raw clay, so I often leave the unglazed outside, or glaze the vase with a transparent glaze to keep the natural clay color. Through my ceramic sculptural vases, I explore the natural beauty of the female body, but I also always look for inspiration in nature, in activities that raise awareness of the natural and cultural environment.

 Two Planina sculptural vases

All the vases I have made so far are water resistant, but now I am also considering making vases only for dried flowers. Vases can be displayed to hold delicate stems of fresh or dried flowers or as sculptural pieces.

Planina Sculptural vase Women in beige
Planina Sculptural Vases Women

Planina sculptural vase

There’s something so special about them. I hope you feel it.

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