In Love with Hand Carving

This autumn has been a particularly inspiring season for me. Since I am not a fan of the summer heat, I tend to work less during summer. So, while I was dreaming of chilly autumn days, an idea came to me: I wanted to make a special collection of ceramic pieces, dedicated exclusively to autumn. I wanted to celebrate that magical time of year – the beginning of which is marked by the transition from vibrant greens to muted, earthy tones, while it is finally permeated by cold and foggy but especially inspiring days. 

As the beginning of autumn was approaching, I had absolutely no idea what the special collection that I wanted to make so much would contain. I even ordered orange and brown glazes in advance because I thought I would definitely succeed to mix and create the true autumn palette. How wrong was I!

Then came the first chilly morning – it sparked my imagination and I decided to carve the floral pattern by hand for the first time. As soon as I carved the first botanical motifs in clay, it was love at first sight. And here they are: my beauties, the Chelone mugs!

Chelone mugs

The mugs are named after the wildflower Chelone*, a clump-forming perennial plant that blooms in autumn with hooded flowers. Its flowers bear a striking resemblance to a turtle’s beak, therefore the plant is also called Turtlehead. 

This interesting perennial plant brings a touch of freshness and attractiveness to the autumn garden, just like a mug adorned with its distinctive motifs beautifies your home.

My connection to the Chelone mugs became so strong that I decided to continue making them. Moreover, I expanded the collection by adding some new pieces: the Chelone vases, saucers and plates. 

I just love them so much! 

*Fun fact: The real background story about the name of this plant comes from Greek mythology and the nymph named Chelone, who did not want to attend the wedding of Zeus and Hera. 

All my hand-carved mugs find here.

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