Magnificent Scenes of Tenerife – An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Blessed with a tropical climate all year round, the island of Tenerife is a perfect getaway from the cold winter months common to the continental climate. My biggest wish on this trip was to visit Mount Teide – a unique landscape of volcanic craters and petrified lava rivers. 

We started our visit with a long, picturesque drive to the foot of the mountain. From there we decided to take a bold hike to its very top. When we finally arrived, the fantastic scenes of rock formations and surrounding colours totally knocked us off our feet. 



After such an outstanding experience, I felt like there was a scene, texture, colour or sound that I could bring to the Studio with me, which would capture my imagination and inspire me to create some new ideas for my ceramics. 


Those scenes of warm, sandy beaches and the majestic ocean that tirelessly kisses the shore inspired me to create the colour combination named Teide – a pleasant mauve tone at the bottom blending with a shade of volcanic sand at the top and on the inside.

I love making Teide boobies mugs because they carries a firm message about respecting a woman’s body and celebrate beauty and naturalness. 

Mugs are hand-built, using technique much slower and intimate than mass-throwing on a pottery wheel. I believe feeling deeply connected to the objects around us often comes from a connection to the maker, and the making act itself.


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