Planina handmade ceramics

Hi, so happy to see you here!

My name is Martina and here you can see my passion, I hope you will love it as much as I love making it. 

Planina ceramics Gallery

Important details:

  • The cup has a Planina sign at the bottom, we could also make your logo stamp and put somewhere on the cup.
  • Cups are durable for regular use, food safe and lead free, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Due to handmade process, not all cups will be the same.
  • You can choose the size, from 80ml to 300ml
  • The prices are from €20 to €40, depends on size and quantity 


White is always a good choice


If you are interested to serve your coffee in my cups, I will be very happy. You can send me an email with your wishes so we can discuss it.





Want to hear more?

Cups exalt the texture and beauty of the raw clay, reminiscent of mountain landscapes and natural terrain. My brand is named Planina which is a word for Mountain in the Croatian language, so you can see the connection. Cups are named Ourea. The name Ourea is given because in Greek mythology Ourea are the spirits of the mountains.

About me

I am a Croatian artist. I started my business in Croatia, but after a year and a half I decided to move to Sweden and continue my work here. While working in Croatia, I made Cortado cups for a coffee shop in Zagreb and you can see their photos below. 

Planina cups in coffee shop


I want my work to be raw, sober and imperfect. The time taken to slowly carve each one celebrates the texture of the raw materials in contrast to “perfect” mass-produced ceramics.



 Planina vase