The Birth of Libra

When I came to the Studio that morning, I felt strange, empty and unmotivated. It was then that I realized that I was doing my best for each new ceramic piece, without taking a well-deserved break between the collections. 

It was a crucial moment: I decided to stop and think. Consequently, I decided to go on a trip somewhere in nature – I wanted to be surrounded by mountains. The fresh mountain air is a true source of inspiration for me. 

At first I would just stand there, staring at those magical colors of autumn. 


But when I went to bed, I realized that everything was already in place: my thoughts were no longer burdened, and the idea for a new collection began to be born.

For the next few days on my trip, I simply indulged myself in nature, the beauty of autumn, the crystal clear lake and the mountain air that relieved my thoughts from day one. 



When I came back to the Studio, I just took the glazes and started combining them, without making any glaze tests. I wanted to transfer those soothing scenes of nature into my ceramics. As a result of calming my spirit, the collection named Libra was created. 


Mugs are hand-built, using technique much slower and intimate than mass-throwing on a pottery wheel. I believe feeling deeply connected to the objects around us often comes from a connection to the maker, and the making act itself.

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